About WriteWord Associates

As a child I loved listening to stories and looking at old photos. It didn’t matter who was in the story or photograph; it was hearing about the people in them that fascinated me most. In school, my early interest in English grammar and writing transpired into a journalism degree, and I continued editing and writing for business, travel, technical and academic institutions for years.

In 2009, I began writing a memoir about my dad growing up in Germany during the 1930s and 40s. After reviewing the manuscript, my father decided he wanted to tell a very different story. Together we uncovered old diaries, photos and his personal recollections, and he told the story he wanted to tell. His enthusiasm and energy for the project were boundless and the finished booklet a priceless gift for his children, grandchildren, and generations yet to come.

Sharing life stories enhances personal outlook and wellness and allows loved ones and caregivers to make rewarding connections. It is my honor to assist others in writing, editing and sharing their life stories for generations to come.

– Heidi White, WriteWord Associates