A Gift That Keeps on Giving

by | Jan 7, 2020

Until we reach a certain age in life, we don’t fully understand what it means to slow down. ​As children and youth, we want to get older and grow up so we can do x, y and z. Today’s youth spend so much time interacting on electronic devices they often miss out on their family stories and history.

As young adults we spend a lot of time determining how to make our way in the world: meeting life partners, establishing careers and figuring things out. Before we know it, we’re in midlife and still wrapped up in jobs, raising families and trying to find time to reflect on who we are, let alone our family history. Most of our communication takes place via texting, email, instant messaging, and other electronic methods.

It’s no wonder we begin having trouble remembering what all we’ve spent our time doing. Before we know it, the last 50 years have flown by and we can’t remember as much as we once did. It’s easier to forget the little things, and sometimes that includes the big and not so big events of our past.

Before those precious memories begin to fade, take some time to sit and talk with family and friends, or just spend time on your own reflecting on special moments. Use photos, diaries, letters, calendars or other mementos as helpful reminders of things that happened in your past. Have someone record your thoughts and consider ways to share them. In the end, you will have given yourself a gift that keeps on giving to others for generations to come.