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Because we all have a story to tell

Personal Histories & Writing Projects

WriteWord Associates specializes in life stories and services. We work with you and your family to record, edit, and self-publish your life stories.

WHY Life Stories?

Relationship builders between friends, family and caregivers

‘Who-Am-I?’ Reminders for those experiencing memory loss

Realizing a Legacy for Loved Ones

WHY Self-Publish?

Preserving  your family legacy for Future Generations

Providing a Gift to Yourself & Others

What Our Clients Say

“I’m so glad you had me do this! It’s my memory!” – U.K.

“It’s a gift to have my stories in print. Thank you!”  – A.A.

“There were no mistakes whatsoever in the manuscript. I couldn’t have done it better myself!” – A.A.

“It’s nice having words and pictures to read and reminisce about my life. I’m happy to have these stories for my kids and grandkids, so they may know about their family.” B.B.J.


About Heidi White

As a child I loved listening to stories and looking at old photos. It didn’t matter who was in the story or photograph; it was hearing about the people in them that fascinated me most. In school, my early interest in English grammar and writing transpired into a journalism degree, and I continued editing and writing for business, travel, technical and academic institutions for years.


From The Blog

Reflection and Connection

Reflection and Connection

Now, more than ever, we need human connection. As COVID-19 continues to keep people apart: in quarantine, under lockdown and sheltering-in-place, it’s so very important to see, hear and interact with each other. Ironically, the same technological devices that have...

In Times Like These…

In Times Like These…

One day we’re living life as usual and the next we’re quarantining ourselves due to an airborne illness called Coronavirus. Our days are now instilled with warnings—it's sort of like a science fiction movie. The reality is we’re becoming exposed to a virus, which is...

Living Longer & Leaving a Legacy

Living Longer & Leaving a Legacy

Not long ago a request for submissions came my way on the topic of Living Longer in America. Ironically, I was into the process of helping my own mother transition my father into a skilled nursing wing in the retirement community where they’ve lived the last five and...